Faith Driven Investors: Time to Invest in Christian Startups

Faith Driven Investors – it’s time to invest in Christian startups. No long speeches necessary.

Are you honoring God with your investment decisions? Are you a socially responsible Faith Driven investor who understands the need, importance, impact, salvation and financial benefits of participating in a global venture capital ministry throughout the Body of Christ? Are you supporting the new Isaiah 43:19 business visions of victory that God is conceiving in several anointed Christian entrepreneurs around the world? Do you perceive this Kingdom trend?

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?” – Isaiah 43:19

The importance of Faith Driven investors supporting and investing in Christian entrepreneurs and faith driven ventures cannot be overstated. Until the soft-launch of Christian Venture Capital there had never been a Christian VC company dedicated exclusively to empowering Christian angel investors with vetted (faith driven) Christian entrepreneurs and investment opportunities that can realize outstanding ROI for seed investors while equally impacting the Body of Christ worldwide.

You Were Created to Invest in Such a Time as This

The time has never been more blessed to invest in the lives of fellow Christian entrepreneurs and families while participating in advancing the Kingdom of God and the values of Jesus Christ in the earth through new and exciting, carefully screened marketplace ventures that specifically target the most powerful consumer subset in the world – Faith Driven Consumers. 41 million FDC in the US spend a whopping US$2 trillion dollars annually and they are specifically looking to do business exclusively with Christian companies that embrace their world views and values in Christ. Faith Driven consumers want the marketplace to do more for them, a lot more. At Christian Venture Capital, we get that.

Invest in Faith Driven Entrepreneurs and Ventures

CVC is currently working with Christian entrepreneurs developing several faith driven ventures and Faith Driven investors can be blessed with outstanding ROI opportunities as a LP in our fund. Once you become a LP you’ll be able to review the companies we are directly working with and developing with value-building characteristics that include but are not limited to:

  • First Mover Status
  • Global Market Reach
  • High-growth Potential
  • IPO Exit Strategy
  • Market Disrupting, Market Transforming, Market Driven Characteristics
  • In the Fields of Consumer Services, Retail, Education, Apps, Tech & Health
  • Specifically Geared Towards Faith Driven Consumers Who Spend US$2 Trillion Dollars Annually

Invitation to Join our Tech Fund

Christian Venture Capital cordially invites you to become a LP in our firm as an accredited or non-accredited investor today. Apply now and partner with CVC in exciting, faith-driven, Kingdom-building ventures with high-growth and ROI potential that glorify God in Christ Jesus and will impact the Body of Christ worldwide. Once CVC has received your application you will be contacted shortly.

Christian Venture Capital works with both accredited and non-accredited investors. Learn more about US accredited investor guidelines here.

Faith Driven Investor Form

Learn more about the type of Faith Driven investors CVC works with, schedule an investor meeting with our team and please fill-out our Faith Driven Investor form on our investors page here.

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