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Concept to Series A Round

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Welcome to our Faith Driven Entrepreneurs Roadmap 🗺

Hello! It’s always great to see you.

This section of our site is to give interested Faith Driven entrepreneurs a realistic overview of what the typical chronological steps of the development process of any tech venture will entail, regardless what stage you’re in. And it all starts with developing the concept.

The Beginning of a Vision, The Concept, An Idea 💡

Faith Driven Entrepreneurs it all starts with praise, thanksgiving and answered prayer. You think something. You imagine something. You’re somewhere and you see something. You see a market and you know something can be done better with innovation. God’s leading continues to resonate within you and over days and weeks you realize you are blessed with an anointed vision.

Now you’re ready to get started! And you’re excited to begin the Christian entrepreneur’s journey in Christ. Now approach things maturely. Patiently. Working with the expectation that God is going before you.

From Concept to Series A Round 💰

So now we’ll layout the path of a Faith Driven Entrepreneur starting with concept. You may very well be past the concept stage but for those who aren’t this is generally the chronological journey.

First Steps (1 to 12 months) 🦶🏻

1. Develop Concept

2. Add Co-founders or Continue Solo

3. Develop Pitch Deck

4. Pitch Christian Pre-Seed Investors

5. Raise Pre-Seed Investment of $250K to $750K (family, friends, church contacts, private investors, accelerator)

ChristianWeb.Design Begins Discovery & Development (6 months) 🧰

6. Begin Discovery Meetings

7. Strategy & Audit

8. Brand Development

9. Content Strategy

10. Product Design

11. Develop MVP or More

12. Software/User Testing

Soft-Launch to Series A (12 to 60 months) 🚀

13. Gain Traction in Market

14. Begin Revenue Generation

15. Prepare for a Seed Round of $1M to $5M or a Series A Round of $5M to $15M

Expectations 📈

Typically, with God’s favor and trends of growth, you can go from concept to discovery/development to soft-launch to Series A investment cycle in as little as 12 to 18 months or up to 36 to 60 months.

If you’d like to discuss your venture with our leadership and/or have questions about the ‘Concept to Series A’ process then please schedule a 1Hr Faith Driven Entrepreneur Consultation by clicking on the gold button in the bottom right hand corner of your device screen. Learn more here.