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Global Ministry Strategy

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Our Global Ministry Strategy

God’s gracious hand is upon us to do good!

One of our strategic directions that Christian Venture Capital™ has as a ministry strategy is to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ to the 4 corners of the earth and in particular into regions where procuring Christian resources of all kinds is limited, difficult and/or forbidden.

There are many regions of the world yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and these are referred to as Unreached People Groups (UPG).

UPG characteristics include less than 2% of the overall population being evangelical, with limited evangelical resources and with no active church planting within the last 2 years.

UPG total 2.88 billion people who make up 42.1% of the world’s population.

Examples of Global Opportunity

India: The government census reports that 3.5 percent are Christians, although many Christian leaders believe this number is much greater. Even so, with nearly 500,000 unevangelized villages, India is undoubtedly one of the greatest evangelistic challenges facing the worldwide Christian community today.

Vadavana says there are about 282 publishers, retailers, and bookstalls in India. More recently the industry has faced some competition since the arrival of online resources. Products are both produced locally in India, as well as imported from other countries. The most popular trends in Christian products have been books, Bibles, and gift items.

China: Compared to government statistics foreign scholars estimate that there are 67 million to 100 million Christians in China — compared with 87 million Communist Party cadres. Yang estimates that China will be home to 250 million Christians by 2030. Evangelical Protestants, like Su, are the fastest-growing group.

With e-commerce exploding in China, CVC is strategically positioned to deliver much more than just bibles to our fellow Christians throughout China.

With over 700 million smartphone users in China the opportunity to evangelize through our current and future ventures with their respective mobile app versions, and their future stores on WeChat, is prolific in Christ. Our power to experience salvation generation and revenue generation in Christ will be substantial and only continue to grow for the next several years with God’s unprecedented favor.

Christian Leadership

Another aspect of our global ministry strategy is to develop Christian leadership throughout the earth.

We live in an age of pernicious and adverse behaviors that are leading entire nations captive and unable to escape the vicious cycle of poverty (in every regard). Mature and lucid Christian leadership understands explicitly their is a direct correlation between abject poverty and eternal damnation.

Unfortunately, far too many Christians are living life in a politically correct and unmotivated manner.

Christian Venture Capital will say it clearly now not by commandment but by permission. We believe that no person who lives a politically correct ‘Jerome’ life will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Eternity is reserved for those who have laid down their life to take up the spiritually market-disrupting life of Jesus. Christians not consumed and therefore controlled by the status quo, but living with a reverential fear for God understanding we must live exactly like the politically incorrect Jesus.

Being a Christian is akin to disruptive innovation. Since Jesus ascended into heaven after His resurrection, Christianity has displaced not just all other established faiths of the day but it has displaced everything in all of human history as the greatest movement and phenomenon to ever cross the horizon of this world.

CVC leadership is strategically devoted to assisting the Holy Spirit raise up and empower purpose-driven Christian leadership throughout the earth in our generation to serve the Will of God in Christ Jesus in the same manner that King David served God’s Will and purpose as a leader for his generation.

Game Changers for Christ

CVC is looking for anointed faith driven entrepreneurs and investors who possess an amalgam of strengths with great brands, products and/or services with hi-upside potential, but even more importantly, as a market disruptor and a leader for Christ in every area of life. Leadership that declares to the politically correct world that in spite of their values, God is better. We value entrepreneurs and investors who are of the understanding that big business and passionate ministry is not mutually exclusive and that God has called us to the marketplace of ideas, business, investment and politics as a way to further the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to strengthen the saved and save the lost.

At Christian Venture Capital, we get that.

We are as much about impacting this world for Christ with well-thought out ministries, CSR models and SRI as much as we are about blessed financial returns for our limited partners, seed investors, entrepreneurs and startups.

If our global ministry strategy resonates with your core beliefs in Christ, we invite you to contact us and schedule an appointment as an anointed Christian entrepreneur here or investor here, and partner with us today.