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Christian Venture Capital is now offering entrepreneur and investor consultations and job seeker interviews.

Please note our consultation fees below.

Having been blessed with the #1 ranking on Google, Yahoo! and Bing for the search term ‘Christian Venture Capital,’ CVC receives several thousand Christian visitors annually to our site and many requests monthly from around the world by Christian entrepreneurs concerning their ventures and/or businesses. We receive numerous requests monthly and annually to be contacted by phone from applying entrepreneurs and non-applying entrepreneurs, business owners and investors to discuss their startups, ventures, capital needs, as well as provide investment opportunities and counsel to Christian investors. We also have received numerous requests for our time from those seeking employment. Unfortunately, CVC does not have the time to speak with most as a result of our normal day-to-day responsibilities. Our time is spent serving our current Christian entrepreneurs, startups, ventures and investors we are working with, which is more than a full-time effort.

As a result we have officially now established our consulting services to serve the Body of Christ worldwide.

We consult with:

  • Christian Entrepreneurs
  • Christian Business Owners
  • Christian Investors
  • Christian Job Seekers
  • Online Operations
  • Brick & Mortar Operations
  • & More!

Our consulting operations gives Christian entrepreneurs and investors worldwide the opportunity to connect directly with our GP and leadership to present first-hand their ventures, market analysis, operational needs, capital needs, etc or to be educated to faith driven investing and what it involves. It also gives our leadership the opportunity to ask pertinent and critical questions in any number of areas to ascertain the potential viability of your venture or the potential to join our fund as a LP. It also blesses new Christian entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding as to what it takes to go from conception to soft-launch covering incorporation, legal, accounting, graphic design, web development, mobile development, project management and more whether it be an online or mobile venture or a brick & mortar venture. Entrepreneurs can avail of CVC comprehensive list of trusted partners and industry contacts to help expedite development in the aforementioned areas.


What Christian Entrepreneurs Are Saying

Christina S. USA

Passionate & Experienced Christian Tech Leadership

March 15, 2017

It was a divinely ordained event for me to find Christian Venture Capital. When I searched for Christian VCs little did I know that I would meet the most welcoming staff and leader, and most genuinely encouraging, motivated, and business-minded team of believers. In the past month, I have engaged with CVC as an early-stage entrepreneur with just an idea and my attempt at a pitch deck. After opening our entrepreneur consultation in prayer, CVC’s GP consulted with me on how to better prepare myself for investor meetings, guidance on enhancing my business model, workflow, creating multiple revenue streams for my business model and increased my faith in what God wanted to do and how He would bless my business. The wealth of knowledge, research and experience he brings is only paralleled by his faith, determination and dedication to help bring the vision to pass. CVC is developing my final pitch deck for investor meetings and I am truly excited about the continued partnership that I have developed with CVC and the team. I pray God’s increased and abundant blessing on their work to build the Kingdom of God. I strongly encourage any current or aspiring Christian entrepreneur to first pray, and second, call CVC!!

Christina S. USA

Anthony B. USA

Executive PowerPoint Pitch Deck Services

August 31, 2016

Thanks so much. This helps me put things into perspective… This is great! You all did a wonderful job. May you all be blessed.

Anthony B. USA


Connecting with Christian Investors

If CVC is not interested to pursue a venture with you or would decline to consider investing in your venture until possibly at a later point, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a worthwhile venture opportunity to pursue and for other Christian investors to potentially invest in. CVC understands explicitly what Faith Driven investors are looking for in a Christian investment opportunity. In that CVC can help you position yourself to connect with not just any Christian investor but more specifically, connect with Faith Driven investors worldwide who are actively seeking Faith Driven ventures to review and invest in. Contact us to schedule a 1hr Entrepreneur Consultation here and learn more.


Providing Cost-Effective Customer Support Solutions

CVC understands how critically important it is to provide outstanding customer support for your valued customers, business interests and brand name. CVC is strategically positioned with American and Canadian staff on the ground in Southeast Asia to help you develop an outstanding team of customer service providers in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our experience and team on the ground take all the headaches out of your search while mitigating any potential corruption in your preferred region. Our dedicated staff reviews personally all potential CS facilities or can help you develop your own. Whether it’s your first customer care representative or a team of 100 or more providing customer care 24/7, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to schedule a 1hr Entrepreneur or Company Consultation here and learn more.


Development Team

CVC is proud to introduce our development team and partner at Christian Web Design. ChristianWeb.Design handles all development for the investments we currently have and into the future. If you are a Christian entrepreneur and are not looking for business consulting but in need of development for your business interests please contact Christian Web Design on their website. Christian Web Design services include but are not limited to:

  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Apps
  • Mobile Development
  • HD Video Production
  • Local, National & Global Marketing


Consulting Fees, Scheduling, Contact Method & Payment

CVC consulting fees and scheduling are as follows:

  • US$150 per hour (first EC will be 1hr only)
  • Consulting scheduled between 11am and 4pm PST
  • If you are in the US or Canada CVC will contact you by phone. Outside of the US & Canada CVC will contact you via a Skype phone call.
  • Once you contact us below we will invoice you via PayPal (payment is non-refundable). Once CVC has received your payment we will email you to establish your consultation ASAP schedule permitting.


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