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Our Current Portfolio

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Christian Venture Capital™ Current Portfolio

Our first two global ventures are currently in development and noted below.

Location: San Francisco, CA USA


Consumer, Global Marketplace - Retailers, Sellers & Buyers

  • Christian Bookstores, Retailers, Sellers & Shoppers: Register Here Now
  • Competitors: First Mover Status (Desktop & iOS/Android Apps)
  • Christian Global Retail Market Annual Sales: US$10 Billion+
  • Article: What Would Jesus Sell?
  • Target Market: 2.4 Billion Christians Worldwide but in particular Faith Driven Consumers (Retailers, Sellers & Buyers Worldwide)
  • Status: In Development
  • Exit Strategy: Yes
  • Comprehensive Pitch Deck: Yes

Location: San Francisco, CA USA

Location: San Francisco, CA USA


Consumer, Global Marketplace - Property Owners, Hosts, Vacationers, Business Travelers & Renters

Location: San Francisco, CA USA

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