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How to Submit Your Venture

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Welcome to our Christian Entrepreneurs Submit Venture Centre

Hello! It’s great to see you.

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in Faith Driven ventures that honor God. Please take a moment to read our prerequisites and schedule your 1Hr Entrepreneur/Startup Consultation. Your pitch deck may be requested after meeting with you.

1) Prayerful Consideration: We ask all entrepreneurs to pray earnestly about our collaboration together. Many VC’s, whether they are mainstream or Christian, can have a limited mindset and can easily dismiss promising ventures with high growth potential even before they’ve reviewed an entrepreneur’s pitch deck and sweat equity because they ‘having eyes do not see and having ears do not hear.’ In light of this we ask that you pray God would illuminate our eyes and business intellect to see all the strengths of your venture through His eyes (& yours) and through your pitch deck and all materials submitted. We are here to serve God (and every entrepreneur) with humility and those who come to us we believe, in one form or another, is a purpose driven relationship in the making. As a direct result we have an eternal responsibility to diligently consider what is being presented to us and execute our duties as Believers and not doubters in the most encouraging and uplifting manner possible. We are ‘for you’ and the Isaiah 43:19 vision of victory God has placed within your heart and business intellect.

2) 1Hr Entrepreneur/Startup Consultation: All entrepreneurs and/or startups must schedule a 1Hr Entrepreneur/Startup Consultation. Our consulting operations gives Christian entrepreneurs and investors worldwide the opportunity to connect directly with our GP and leadership to present first-hand their ventures, market analysis, operational needs, capital needs, etc. It also gives our leadership the opportunity to ask pertinent and critical questions in any number of areas to ascertain the potential viability of your venture. Meeting also blesses new Christian entrepreneurs with a comprehensive understanding as to what it takes to go from conception to soft-launch covering incorporation, legal, accounting, graphic design, web development, mobile development, project management and more whether it be an online and/or mobile venture and/or a brick & mortar venture. Schedule a 1hr Entrepreneur/Startup Consultation by clicking on the green button in the bottom right-hand corner of your device screen.

3) Investor Pitch Deck: When requested, all entrepreneurs must submit their venture via a professional Investor PowerPoint Pitch Deck via Microsoft PowerPoint. Please make sure your PowerPoint is saved in PowerPoint Show mode. If your pitch deck cannot be emailed directly to us through our form below because of it’s file size, then it must be uploaded to your Google Drive account and then you may email us a link where we can download it for our review.

Your Pitch Deck must include but not be limited to:

  1. Statement of Faith
  2. Company Purpose
  3. Problems/Issues in Your Market
  4. Your Solutions to These Problems/Issues
  5. Why Now
  6. Market Size Consumers/Total Sales Numbers/Demographics
  7. Competition
  8. Product(s)/Site and Mobile UI & UX Designs where applicable
  9. Business Model
  10. Team
  11. Financials/3yr P&L Statement
  12. Exit Strategy
  13. CSR Model
  14. Contact Information (Cell # & Email)

Connect with Us on Social Media: Before you submit your pitch deck we request that you (and your team) connect with us on all five of our social media profiles. To find our social media icons which will connect you with our fan pages, please click here.

4) Phone Call or Skype Call: After scheduling your 1Hr Entrepreneur/Startup Consultation, you will be required to connect with us to discuss the merits of your venture and business model via phone call if you’re in the US and Canada or via Skype if you’re located outside the US and Canada. Concerning Skype you must provide clear audio from your end so please test your audio settings prior to our meeting. Our initial meeting will be 1hr and you will have the chance to let us know who you are, pertinent details about your venture as well as your team, etc. You may have other team members present with you or at different locations via Skype. You must be punctual and ready to go at the scheduled time and date you’ve selected. Please respect CVC time and schedule as we will respect yours.

Your Pitch Deck:

Do NOT send us your pitch deck unless CVC requests your pitch deck.

If Your Pitch Deck is Greater Than 3MB:

Please upload it to your Google Drive account as noted above, then please email us the link to your pitch deck using the form on the Contact page. Thank you & God bless you richly!